Old Bailey Online and London Lives Update, 11 August 2016

Regular users may already be aware that following a recent security incident affecting the servers on which the websites are hosted, Old Bailey Online has been operating with extremely limited functionality and London Lives has been unavailable. This is just a brief notice to readers that both are now up and running, and although service is still limited, they have the core functions of keyword and name searches, date filters and reference search for both sites; crime/verdict/punishment search for OBO; document type selection for London Lives (as well as browsing by documents/dates). Document images are now displaying as well.

More advanced or specialised searches (statistics, API, mapping, etc) and user-related features are not yet available, but work is ongoing to reinstate these. [edit: the statistics search is also available again; this can also be used to access some search features (such as defendant gender) that have not yet been restored elsewhere]

We’re very sorry about any ongoing inconvenience the limitations may cause site users; please bear with us as we gradually get back to normal.

However, as functions are re-introduced, they may be buggy at first and if you find something on the sites doesn’t seem to be working properly, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: you can email oldbailey@sheffield.ac.uk or send a tweet to @oldbaileyonline.

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