CitC Zotero Bibliography

At the Old Bailey Online we use Zotero a lot. We use it for all our site bibliographies, and there is an Old Bailey Online translator so you can gather references into Zotero with a single click. We like it so much we even wrote a guide on how to use it to organise your research.

Over recent months, I’ve also been using Zotero to save blog posts I find that discuss Old Bailey Online/London Lives or use material from the sites. There is so much high-quality blogging out there that I decided it was time to turn it into a Group Library as a sort of companion to this blog. Feel free to go and explore!

OBO Crime in the Community @ Zotero

Later I may add substantial news articles and other online writing that is not formally academic. If you have a Zotero account and would like to be a co-editor, do get in touch with me (

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