Link: White Paper on Criminal Intent Project

The Datamining with Criminal Intent project has published its project report. 

The Data Mining with Criminal Intent (DMCI) project brought together teams from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada to create a seamlessly linked digital research environment for working with the Proceedings of the Old Bailey. This environment allows users to 

1. Query the 127 million words of trial records available through the Old Bailey Online.

2. Save and manage the result sets in a Zotero account, and then

3. Send the selected texts and results for analysis and visualization to tools like Voyeur

More generally, the project explored the tools and infrastructure that will make it possible for the ‘ordinary working historian,’ not currently using these techniques, to integrate text mining and visualization into his or her day-to-day work.

Within the next month or so we’ll be updating the Old Bailey Online website to fully integrate the work done on the project.

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